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  • Radfahren / E-Bikes:
    Radfahren / E-Bikes: Photo: M. Miklas, Schaumburger Land
  • Schloss Bückeburg
    Schloss Bückeburg Photo: Michael Miklas, Schaumburger Land
  • Schloss Bückeburg, Festsaal
    Schloss Bückeburg, Festsaal Photo: Michael Miklas, Schaumburger Land
  • Fürstliche Hofreitschule Bückeburg, Reithaus Photo: Michael Miklas, Schaumburger Land
  • Mausoleum Schloss Bückeburg Photo: Michael Miklas, Schaumburger Land
  • Wilhelm Busch Geburtshaus Wiedensahl Photo: M. Miklas, Schaumburger Land
  • Museum im Alten Pfarrhaus, Schlafzimmer Wilhelm Busch Photo: M. Miklas, Schaumburger Land
  • Mausoleum Stadthagen Photo: Michael Miklas, Schaumburger Land
  • Wandern Photo: M. Miklas, Schaumburger Land
  • Hubschraubermuseum Bückeburg Voliere Photo: Michael Miklas, Schaumburger Land
  • Schaumburger Waldimkerei, Hofladen Photo: Michael Miklas, Schaumburger Land
  • Stadthagen, Fußgängerzone mit Museum Amtspforte Photo: M. Miklas, Schaumburger Land
  • Steinhuder Meer mit Inselfestung Wilhelmstein Photo: Rolf Fischer, CC BY-ND, Schaumburger Land
  • Genießen Photo: Michael Miklas, Schaumburger Land

On the way in the Schaumburger Land 

We offer you fantastic tours, attractive offers, worthwhile excursion destinations and typical accommodation to get you in the mood for your time in the Schaumburg region. Water and forest, hills and vastness: This piece of land is a very special area on the edge of Lower Saxony, located between the Weser and Steinhuder Meer. The region has a long history that is visible almost everywhere to this day. At the same time, the people in the Schaumburg region ensure a lively and lovable region with lots of great ideas and little escapes. Whether it’s a hotel, holiday apartment or RV site: find accommodation that suits you. The best way to get to know the landscape and people is on the go. We have already put together worthwhile excursion destinations, entire tours and exciting offers for you. Let us take you deep underground, into history, across the country and through the cities.
Schaumburger Land App

The Schaumburger Land app can be downloaded free of charge from the App Store for IOS and the Google Play Store for Android and offers the following functions: - Seek - Tours, 3D flight - Accommodations - Excursions - Outdooractive map, OSM, satellite map - Tour planner - Offline ...

Online bookable offers

Here we have put together exciting offers that you can book online.

Schaumburg themed cycle routes

Numerous bike tours of different lengths show the Schaumburger Land from its most beautiful sides.

Hiking routes in the Schaumburg region

Wandern im Schaumburger Land - zahlreiche Routen führen durch den Deister, Bückeberg, Harrl und in die Nähe des Steinhuder Meeres. Die Nahtstelle an der Mittelgebirgsschwelle und der Norddeutschen Tiefebene bietet einmalige landschaftliche Ein- und Ausblicke.

Farm shops and direct marketers in the Schaumburg region

Farm shops and direct marketers offer a wide range of fresh regional products. Here is the overview map.

Adventure World Castle Bückeburg

Currently closed. Bückeburg Castle, owned by the family of Schaumburg - Lippe for over 700 years, presents itself as a Renaissance castle with magnificent halls from four centuries.

Princely Riding School Bückeburg

The Princely Riding School in Bückeburg inspires more than 65,000 visitors every year with around 250 riding performances. The 25 noble school stallions can be visited all year round daily from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. in the historic stables, as can the adjacent horse museum with over 1000 exhibits.

Wilhelm Busch Land

Come with me to Wilhelm Busch Land! Wilhelm Busch Land offers an insight into the life and work of the draftsman, painter, poet and thinker in his home village of Wiedensahl.

Renaissance - a formative epoch

The Renaissance in the Schaumburg region - an economic and cultural heyday.

At the Steinhude Sea

The Schaumburger Land at the Steinhuder Meer. In the north, the district of Schaumburg borders on the Steinhuder Meer, the largest lake in north-west Germany.

Wellness in the Schaumburg region

Bad Nenndorf and Bad Eilsen - the two health locations in the Schaumburg region offer a wide range.

Museums in the Schaumburg region

The museums in the region of Schaumburg show the cultural diversity of the region: the traditional costumes of Schaumburg, the Princely Riding School, the house where Wilhelm Busch was born and lived, mining history and technology.

Court cafés in the Schaumburg region

The numerous court cafés in the Schaumburg region prepare real culinary delights from delicious ingredients, which can usually be enjoyed in an idyllic ambience.

360° panoramas

Stadthagen with market square, castle, pleasure house, castle garden and Renaissance mausoleum, insights into the Bückeburg helicopter museum, view from the Idaturm in Harrl, Wilhelm Busch Land Wiedensahl, Bad Nenndorf with spa park, promenade and Süntelbuchenallee and the Wilhelmstein island ...

sleeperoo bei der Schaumburger Waldimkerei/Das Bienenhaus

ERLEBNISNACHT IN SCHÖNSTER NATUR Ab Mitte April kann man exklusiv auf der Streuobstwiese unterhalb des Bienenhauses übernachten. Macht es euch mit kuscheligen Decken und Kissen so richtig gemütlich.

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