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Alpine routes in Switzerland


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For those who enjoy an active vacation, we have lots of suggestions in Switzerland. Use our Travel Guide as a source of inspiration for planning your next adventure and browse through descriptions and route details of the most beautiful alpine routes.
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The 10 Most Beautiful alpine routes in Switzerland

Das Gipfelkreuz des Blüemlisalphorns ragt aus dem Schnee
Alpine Route
Blüemlisalphorn crossing
Premium content Difficulty II, 50°, AD difficult Multi-stage route
22.7 km
13:30 h
2,518 m
2,519 m
Second tour for experienced alpinists from Oeschinen via the Blüemlisalpe to the summit of the Blüemlisalphorn (3661 m) and back.
Die langersehnte
Alpine Route · Bernina Group
Piz Bernina (4.049 m) mit Überschreitung der drei Palügipfel (3.900 m)
recommended route Difficulty III, 45°, AD difficult
27.8 km
16:30 h
2,930 m
1,560 m
Klassische Überschreitung des höchsten Gipfels der Ostalpen.
Am Grat zum Gipfel
Alpine Route · Valais Alps
Weissmies (4.017m) - Überschreitung von SW-N
recommended route Difficulty difficult
17.1 km
11:30 h
2,687 m
1,099 m
Landschaftlich genussvolle Überschreitung eines Walliser Viertausender.
Alpine Route · Monte Rosa
Over the Liskamm
Premium content Difficulty AD moderate Stage 3
10.6 km
7:00 h
1,061 m
1,245 m
The third day's stage of the well-known high-altitude tour "Spaghetti Round" leads over the impressive connecting ridge from the Liskamm West peak (4,479 m) to the Liskamm East peak (4,527 m).
Blick vom Schwarzhorn zu Ludwigshöhe, Parrotspitze und Signalkuppe
Alpine Route · Mount Rosa Walser
Via Vincent pyramid, Schwarzhorn, Ludwigshöhe and Parrotspitze to the Signalkuppe
Premium content Difficulty PD moderate Stage 4
7.6 km
5:30 h
1,350 m
233 m
The fourth day's stage of the well-known high-altitude tour "Spaghetti-Runde" leads via Vincentpyramide (4,215 m), Schwarzhorn (4,321 m), Ludwigshöhe (4,341 m) and Parrotspitze (4,432 m) to Signalkuppe (4,554 m).
Wegspur auf dem Zackengrat
Alpine Route · Kandersteg
Balmhorn via Zackengrat
Premium content Difficulty I, 35°, PD+ difficult
17.7 km
10:00 h
1,800 m
1,650 m
The Balmhorn is a beautiful pyramid high above the Kandertal. The normal route leads over the scree-covered, moderately steep Schwarzgletscher and the harmless Zackengrat (WS+).
Blick auf den Morteratschgletscher, links die Bellavista, rechts der  Piz Bernina mit Biancograt
Alpine Route
Crossing Piz Morteratsch (3751 m)
recommended route Difficulty II, 40°, PD difficult Multi-stage route
23.5 km
12:30 h
1,884 m
2,007 m
Varied alpine tour in alpine surroundings from Morteratsch to the Boval Hut, via the Fuorcla da Boval to Piz Morteratsch (3751 m) and via the Vadrettin da Tschierva and the Tschierva Hut to Pontresina.
Sunrise on the Matterhorn
Alpine Route · Valais Alps
Dufourspitze (4,634 m) - To the highest mountain peak in Switzerland
recommended route Difficulty III, 40°, AD- difficult
11.9 km
13:30 h
1,840 m
1,840 m
Great high-altitude route to the highest mountain peak in Switzerland
Von links nach rechts: Signalkuppe mit Capanna Regina Margherita, Zumsteinspitze, Dufourspitze, Nordend
Alpine Route
Spaghetti round
Premium content Difficulty PD+ moderate Multi-stage route
48.8 km
33:30 h
4,644 m
5,769 m
The Spaghetti Round is an impressive but quite demanding high-altitude traverse in the Valais, on which twelve 4,000-metre peaks are climbed. Wide glaciers, narrow ridges and airy climbing passages make the tour from the Klein Matterhorn to the Dufourspitze and from there down towards the Gornergrat a high-alpine undertaking that is only recommended for experienced mountaineers.
Auf dem Weg zur Schneekuppe
Alpine Route
Eselsgrat on Piz Roseg
Premium content Difficulty III, 40°, AD- difficult Multi-stage route
34.6 km
15:45 h
2,218 m
2,218 m
Wonderful, very demanding high altitude tour über the Eselsgrat on the Piz Roseg
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Nadelhorn 4327m und Ulrichshorn 3924m - Normalweg by Beate
November 02, 2022 ·
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Nadelhorn 4327m und Ulrichshorn 3924m - Normalweg by Iris
October 13, 2022 ·
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When did you do this route? August 14, 2022
Photo: Iris Reiner, ÖAV Sektion Radenthein
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