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Bike rides in Schaumburger Land

Lower Saxony, Germany

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For those who enjoy an active vacation, we have lots of suggestions in Schaumburger Land. Use our Travel Guide as a source of inspiration for planning your next adventure and browse through descriptions and route details of the most beautiful bike rides.
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The 10 Most Beautiful bike rides in Schaumburger Land

Frontansicht Schloss Bückeburg
Bike Riding · Schaumburger Land
Prince's route in the Schaumburg region
recommended route Difficulty moderate Open
52.2 km
6:00 h
64 m
73 m
The name Fürstenroute can be traced back to the Fürstenweg (also Landwehrallee) in the Schaumburg Forest.
Garten Reese in Hohnhorst
Bike Riding · Schaumburger Land
Parks & Gardens
recommended route Difficulty moderate Open
65.3 km
6:00 h
174 m
158 m
From the romantic city garden to the lovely cottage garden to the formal castle park or perfectly landscaped garden.
Windmühle Heimsen
Bike Riding · Minden-Luebbecke
LandArt-Route 1 - Petershagen
recommended route Difficulty moderate
64.7 km
4:20 h
101 m
101 m
Fahren Sie auf der LandArt-Route zu zahlreichen LandArt-Stationen und entdecken sie deren individuelles Angebot und spannende Geschichten.
Wassermühle Krebshagen
Bike Riding · Schaumburger Land
Mill route in the Schaumburg region
recommended route Difficulty difficult
67.9 km
8:00 h
455 m
455 m
mill route Since the Middle Ages, natural hydropower has been used technically in the Schaumburg region.
Ehem. Kraftzentrale Georgschacht Stadthagen
Bike Riding · Schaumburger Land
Industrial history in the Schaumburg region
recommended route Difficulty moderate Open
20.7 km
1:25 h
100 m
99 m
Round trip through one of the oldest industrial landscapes in Northern Germany.
Radfahrer in Bückeburg vor dem Schlosstor
Bike Riding · Schaumburger Land
Country tour Bückeburg
recommended route Difficulty moderate Open
53.2 km
3:40 h
168 m
175 m
The rural tour of Bückeburg takes you around the former residential town of Bückeburg on a 53 km long circuit.
Bildtafel Radroute Wilhelm Busch / E-Bikes:
Bike Riding · Wiedensahl
In the footsteps of Wilhelm Busch in Schaumburg Land
recommended route Difficulty easy Open
26.5 km
3:30 h
51 m
51 m
Experience the places that Wilhelm Busch has captured in his drawings and paintings.
Weg im Scheier Bruch
miscellaneousCyclingTour · Bückeburg
Feld - und Wiesentour Bückeburg
recommended route Difficulty easy Open
24.4 km
1:45 h
184 m
110 m
Feld – und WiesenTour – Länge ca. 32 km Wo Natur und Landwirtschaft im Einklang sind.
Fürstliche Hofreitschule Equipe
Bike Riding · Schaumburger Land
Castles and mansions in the Schaumburg region
recommended route Difficulty difficult Open
82.5 km
6:05 h
453 m
483 m
A journey through time to selected mansions, castles and palaces, which are scenically situated and reflect the architecture of the centuries.
Kurpark Bad Nenndorf
Bike Riding · Schaumburger Land
Deister roundabout in the Schaumburg region
recommended route Difficulty moderate Open
76.4 km
10:00 h
395 m
392 m
The Deister is one of the most popular local recreation destinations in the Hanover region and is worth a visit at any time of the year. But the area surrounding the foothills of the Lower Saxony highlands, which are up to 404 meters above sea level, also has a lot to offer. Whether spa flair or monastery retreats, manors or grain distilleries: there is all sorts of things to do around the Deister. This is where the Deisterkreisel runs, a 100 km long, well-signposted circular cycle path that connects the towns of Springe, Wennigsen, Barsinghausen, Bad Nenndorf, Rodenberg and Bad Münder. It invites you to experience culture, nature and sights at the foot of the Deister.
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In the footsteps of Wilhelm Busch in Schaumburg Land by Friedrich
October 24, 2021 · Community
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