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  • St. Dionysius Kirche Lindhorst
    St. Dionysius Kirche Lindhorst Photo: Olaf Boegner, Schaumburger Land
  • Kirche Lindhorst Sonnenuhr
    Kirche Lindhorst Sonnenuhr Photo: Olaf Boegner, Schaumburger Land
  • Museumscafé Zum Pferdestall Lindhorst
    Museumscafé Zum Pferdestall Lindhorst Photo: K. Symens, Schaumburger Land
  • St. Jürgen Kirche, Heuerßen Photo: Rolf Fischer, Schaumburger Land
  • Eichhöfe Photo: K. Symens, Schaumburger Land
  • Bergbau - Museum `´Hof Gümmer´` Photo: Olaf Boegner, Schaumburger Land
  • Solabali, Freibad Lindhorst Photo: Rolf Fischer, Schaumburger Land


Anyone who comes to Lindhorst experiences a great bond with tradition.
One attraction is the mining museum with an integrated café in Hof Gümmer in the center of the village. Here, exhibits and a replica of a tunnel are reminiscent of the history of the former Schaumburg coal mining industry. The St. Dionysius Church from the 12th century with its valuable altar shrine as well as the solar outdoor pool with water slide, volleyball and mini soccer field and a toddler area are also worth a visit. for the care of the Lindhorst costume, which is also known far beyond the Schaumburger Land.

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Contact: Samtgemeinde Lindhorst, Bahnhofstraße 55a, 31698 Lindhorst, Tel. 05725 7001-0,





Rad- und Wanderrouten

Mill route in the Schaumburg region

mill route Since the Middle Ages, natural hydropower has been used technically in the Schaumburg region.

Parks & Gardens

From the romantic city garden to the lovely cottage garden to the formal castle park or perfectly landscaped garden.

Roswithaweg in the Schaumburger Land

The long-distance hiking trail Roswithaweg was a contribution of the Hanoverian Hiking and Mountain Association to the 1000th year of Roswitha von Gandersheim's death in 1973.

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