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  • Bückeburger Niederung
    Bückeburger Niederung Photo: Rolf Fischer, Schaumburger Land
  • Harrl, Aussicht vom Idaturm
    Harrl, Aussicht vom Idaturm Photo: Stadt Bückeburg, Stadt Bückeburg
  • Kohleflöz im Harrl
    Kohleflöz im Harrl Photo: Rolf Fischer, Schaumburger Land Tourismusmarketing e.V.
  • Rast auf dem Bückeberg, Weg an der Foxeiche Photo: C. Wyrwa, Schaumburger Land
  • Fürstenroute Schaumburger Wald Photo: Olaf Boegner, Schaumburger Land
  • Grabpyramide Graf Wilhelm im Schaumburger Wald Photo: Olaf Boegner, Schaumburger Land
  • Garten Reese in Hohnhorst Photo: Offene Pforte Schaumburg, Offene Pforte Schaumburg
  • Kanal Hagenburg Photo: Olaf Boegner, Schaumburger Land
  • Bückeburger Niederung mit Blick auf das Wesergebirge Photo: Rolf Fischer, Schaumburger Land
  • Bückeburger Niederung, Rauhreif Photo: Rolf Fischer, Schaumburger Land

Natural landscapes in the Schaumburger Land

The Schaumburger Land is located at the interface of the German low mountain range and the North German lowlands and has a variety of different types of landscape. This is where the north and south of Europe meet with their specific types of rock and plants. The Steinhuder Meer and Weserbergland nature parks extend over large areas of the Schaumburg region and invite you to discover fauna and flora.

Bückeburger Niederung Circular Trail BN 1

Experience the natural diversity of the Bückeburger lowlands.

Bückeberg Weg Schaumburger Land 3rd stage

The 3rd section begins at the Reinsdorf cemetery and leads via Reinsen to Beckedorf. Behind the "Münchhausener Berg" to Beckedorf, the hiking trail is identical to the "Roswithaweg" (XR). The next intermediate destination is Horsten. From here it goes to Bad Nenndorf.

Hiking route in Wölpinghausen

Hiking with a fantastic view of the Schaumburger Land and Steinhuder Meer.

Deister roundabout in the Schaumburg region

The Deister is one of the most popular local recreation destinations in the Hanover region and is worth a visit at any time of the year. But the area surrounding the foothills of the Lower Saxony highlands, which are up to 404 meters above sea level, also has a lot to offer.

Hiking in the Harrl H 1

Discover Bückeburg's local mountain.

Dinosaur Tracks in the Schaumburger Land nature adventure trail

Starting from the JBF center, you can hike the dinosaur track area on your own.

Wildtier- und Artenschutzstation Sachsenhagen

In der Wildtier- und Artenschutzstation Sachsenhagen finden verletzte und verwaiste einheimische Wildtiere medizinische Versorgung und eine Bleibe für die Zeit der Genesung.

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